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Slice Supports MATTER and You Should Too

For every meal plan sold, $1 is donated to fight world hunger.

Sophomore year of college I attended an event that would get me my required community service engagement point for the business fraternity I participated in.

I’d been to these events before and they were all usually the same, volunteer for an hour or two, make some meals or play with kids, and then we all went home with a smile on our face.

This one was different though. It was put on by a non-profit organization named MATTER. I’ll save you the long-winded story summing up the event, but it left a lasting impact on me in two ways.

  1. Healthy nutrition is a human right.
  2. The power to make a difference is in your own hands.

At the event, we, alongside hundreds of others, helped pack thousands of healthy meals into MATTERboxes in less than two hours. The results were outstanding for an event that was so short. I’ve never seen anything like it but MATTER does it over and over again.

Their healthy food initiative helps educate communities about buying the right kinds of food. Rather than just standing as a handout, MATTERboxes provide people with the tools to balance diets, shop for healthy food on a budget, and set eating habits that prevent long-term health problems – all things we believe in at Slice.

Moreover, MATTER actually works around the world to create sustainable and profitable solutions for rural farmers so that they help not only feed their people but also grow the local economy at the same time.

Because of these amazing initiatives, MATTER has continued to touch millions of lives since starting in 2003.

These initiatives are also the reason Slice donates $1 from every meal plan purchase to MATTER. This comes out to about 13% of our monthly revenue and we couldn’t be more proud to support such an awesome non-profit on their journey to building a better world.

The power to make a difference is in your hands.

Kind regards,

Kyle Samera,

Founder and CEO of Slice

Photo provided courtesy of Matter’s 2017 MATTERbox Madness – the event I attended.

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